My Books

forbidden-love Penelope has always been forbidden to be a part of the village and the kingdom. Her family was cast out before she was born. All she’s ever known was the peach farm and the barn where she grew up. James wishes he could leave the village. Ever since he was little, he’s been trapped in the castle with his evil father and half-brother. Penelope and James live completely different and separate lives, but once their lives collide everything seems ideal. Penelope doesn’t mind living in the barn anymore. And James doesn’t miss the village. But then John, James’ half-brother, destroys their ideal relationship and takes everything away from them. And his evil father cripples the village, destroying the people’s lives. James must fight for the person he loves. Penelope must stand up for what she believes in. John must turn against the woman he is falling for. And the people must fight back.

hospital Keep Jason Jam company as he spends a day at the doctors! This book is to help children feel better about the hospital and doctors. I hope it helps!

journey Sherra, a high school graduate, is about to give up her popularity for a life that is all about freedom. But is that really where this new life leads? After a series of ups and downs she finds herself behind bars. She loses all reason to live. Suddenly a woman shows up at Sherra’s cell and hands her a Bible. Sherra soon realizes that the only freedom in life is through Christ.

step-of-faith Based on three true stories. When you take a step of faith it can either be powerful or weak. These three took a powerful step of faith in the right direction. It changed their lives in many ways. So ask yourself…when will you take your step of faith and change your life?