Hello, friends!  Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted something.  Between college and life, blogging gets pushed to the back-burner.  But here I am!  And I'm going to talk about playwriting. As I'm sure you all know, I love writing novels.  That's what I've talked about the most on here.  And then I've shared … Continue reading Playwriting


You wouldn’t think it would crunch under your feet It being fluffy, and all But it does Under your boot The weight of your body breaking the white blanket The powder that blows up your leg It’s beautiful, but cold Mesmerizing, but dangerous Soft, but somehow crunchy Following the footsteps of others before you Careful … Continue reading Snow

Hurdles… #10

Em stood in the empty bathroom, shivering.  She looked up at the girl staring back at her in the mirror.  Her wavy hair was rain slickened and sticking to her face.  The tips dripped down on to the floor, leaving tiny puddles.  Her face was striped with eyeliner and mascara.  Streams of wet make-up ran … Continue reading Hurdles… #10

Almost there!

The editing process for Hurdles... has started!  I haven't finished the book yet, but I wanted to get ahead on the editing so I didn't have hundreds of pages to read at once.  It's turning out better than I ever imagined! After I'm completely finished with the writing and editing, I'll be looking for a … Continue reading Almost there!

Hurdles… #8

The girl abruptly turned around and surprised Jackson by taking paint and smearing it across his face.  The boy jumped back in shock and immediately tried to wipe it off.  That only resulted in him getting paint on his hands.  Emily was laughing uncontrollably at Jackson’s reaction, and she was slowly inching her way closer … Continue reading Hurdles… #8