I started writing books when I was twelve, and have been writing ever since.  My books started as stories that didn’t make any sense: the descriptions were fuzzy, the storylines were confusing, and the endings were random.  Now my novels contain stories that not only make sense but are also meaningful.  They are meaningful to me, and I hope they are meaningful to those who read them.  I write to remind people that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what you’re facing.

My faith inspires what I write about.  I write about characters who struggle with situations that life hands them, but in the end, these characters always realize that there is a God that is good.  I have a very large imagination and a big heart, so I do my best to combine the two to create works of fiction.  Writing is one of my passions, and my prayer is that my writing helps the people that it needs to.