New Book! Also, help…


Hello world!  I realize it’s been a while since I’ve written something on here, but I’m back!  My life has been extremely busy with college, work, and travels.  I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and write, but my mornings are freeing up, so I hope to do it then.  If I remember correctly, I told you that I finished writing my book Bumps in the Road (aka Hurdles…).  I still need to print it off and edit the ending, though.  I have a really long road trip coming up, so I plan to do it then!  After I edit it and perfect it, I plan to send it off to agents and publishing companies, so wish me luck!  Ever since I was little, I have dreamed of being a professionally published author, and I believe this book could change lives, and show of God’s love and forgiveness.  I have included bits of myself and my life stories within Bumps in the Road, so it is special to me in ways my other books aren’t.  Whoever ends up reading it is unknowingly getting a peak inside my life.  I hope that I am successful in getting this book published and distributed.

Even though I haven’t finished editing Bumps in the Road, I have started another book.  I don’t have a title for this book yet, but I have a very interesting story idea.  My hope is to write a series out of this new idea, but I have never had any luck writing series.  Any ideas on how to improve?  Also, here’s a little bit of information about my new book in case anyone has an idea for a title:

It takes place in the 1700s.  There is this mysterious island in the middle of nowhere that has singing trees and glowing flowers.  The creatures are nothing like you’ve ever seen or imagined.  Annabella’s great-grandfather traveled there but never returned.  One day, men with glowing red eyes come to kidnap Annabella, but take her mother instead.  When she is finally old enough, Annabella finds a ship and a crew to help her  search for this mysterious island, hoping that her mother is there.  A relationship develops between Annabella and the captain, but it’s not able to develop because the unthinkable happens when they eventually reach their destination.

(Also, if anyone knows anything about how to sail “pirate” ships, or knows where I could find that information, please let me know!)

Long story short, my life as a writer is a little bit jumbled right now.  In truth, I’m still trying to figure out how to balance everything.  I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to post writing tips, prompts, or ideas.  If you have any questions, though, feel free to shoot me a question.

Keep writing!

3 thoughts on “New Book! Also, help…

  1. Simon says:

    Good luck with it all and keep smiling, why don’t you look up for sailing tips from old sail powered Naval vessels, it would have been broadly similar but of course lees organised or disciplined. It depends on the detail you need…

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