Hurdles… #10

Em stood in the empty bathroom, shivering.  She looked up at the girl staring back at her in the mirror.  Her wavy hair was rain slickened and sticking to her face.  The tips dripped down on to the floor, leaving tiny puddles.  Her face was striped with eyeliner and mascara.  Streams of wet make-up ran down her cheeks and was also smeared around her eyes.  The clothes she was wearing felt like paste against her skin.  Her socks made squishing noises against the bathroom floor every time she shifted her weight.  As Em stared at the reflection, she noticed the girl’s shoulders were slumped and her arms hung lifelessly by her side.  She looked and felt as though the world was against her.  She felt as though the world was suffocating her – punishing her.  There was no escape; no light at the end of the tunnel.  There was no hope…

Emily slowly ripped her soaked shirt away from her skin and pulled it over her head.  The piece of clothing fell to the floor with a slap.  She then bent over and pulled her soggy socks off of her feet.  The bathroom floor against her bare feet made her shiver.  Em gripped the waistband of her pants and slid them over her butt, past her thighs, and let them drop to the floor.  She carefully stepped out of them and stared back at the girl in the mirror.  There were red patches on her skin, and streams of water from her wet hair.  Her body ached as she reached for the dry clothes that were resting on the counter.  She gingerly pulled on the soft pair of sweatpants, and tugged the shirt over her head.  Em kept eye contact with her reflection as she pulled her soggy hair into a messy-bun.  The paper-towel dispenser groaned as she pulled one out.  She wet it down and started wiping away her make-up.  The paper towel was rough against her skin, but she continued to wipe.  When she was finished, red streaks appeared on her cheeks, but all of her make-up was gone.  Emily turned around and gathered up her wet clothes, throwing them in the trash.  She slipped on her flip-flops, glanced at the girl in the mirror one last time, and exited the bathroom.


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