Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior

The interior of the barn was dark and dusty.  There were a few cracks in the walls, which allowed small rays of light to come in, but that barely cut into the darkness.  There were cobwebs that covered every inch of the space, and spiders often hung down to greet anyone who came in.  The barn had been abandoned for years.  There was a For Sale sign in the front that was lopsided and had weeds growing over it.  Vines wrapped themselves around the outside of the barn and reached for the sky, their goal being the roof.  The building was leaning extremely to one side, and everybody who drove by was expecting it to fall from the vibration of the ground.  It looked as though it was frowning, sad because nobody wanted it.  It was a barn, yes, but a lot of good memories happened in that barn.  Cows and horses were born; babies played and giggled as their fathers worked; barn dances occurred and lasted all night; people got engaged and then got married.  That sad, lopsided barn had a lot of memories that nobody knew about.  And nobody seemed to care.  Everybody just saw it as a building that was falling apart, and nobody saw it as a cry for help.


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