“Katie the Writer”

(the copyright to the picture goes to Carolina Russo - YesterdayAfter) This picture is of me.  It symbolizes who I am, what I enjoy, and what's important to me.  It includes my faith, my love of music (the flute), my favorite drink (coffee), and two of my favorite characters (Yoda and Grumpy.)  And, of course, … Continue reading “Katie the Writer”

Hurdles… #8

The girl abruptly turned around and surprised Jackson by taking paint and smearing it across his face.  The boy jumped back in shock and immediately tried to wipe it off.  That only resulted in him getting paint on his hands.  Emily was laughing uncontrollably at Jackson’s reaction, and she was slowly inching her way closer … Continue reading Hurdles… #8

Let’s Walk

Sorry it's been a few days since I've posted anything.  I recently moved back to college and I've been busy with classes and homework.  But I finally found a free moment to write on my blog, so here I am! As you can imagine, it's difficult to consistently work on your book during college.  Classes … Continue reading Let’s Walk

Monster Monologue

Angry, Irritated, Heartbroken Rebecca:  I hate you.  You have taken everything from me.  You killed my family.  Took my children.  You left me in a pile of my own blood.  I trusted you, but you made my life a living hell.  I am going to kill you.  Slowly.  Painfully.  And I am going to enjoy every … Continue reading Monster Monologue


Today is an exciting day!  I reached 50 posts on my blog!  And I reached page 115 in my book Hurdles... (32,000 words)!  I know this may not seem like a lot to some people, but it is a lot to me!  2017 may not be too bad after all 🙂

Just Write!

Don't worry about what it sounds like now.  Worry about what it sounds like later.  The first step to writing is to just write it all down, and then go back to edit it later.  If you continuously worry about what it sounds like, you will never be satisfied.  So write it first and worry … Continue reading Just Write!

Hurdles… #7

The smile that was plastered to Pa’s face made his cheeks even more wrinkly.  And even though his bushy eyebrows hung over his eyes, Emily could still see a sparkle in the old man’s gray eyes.  He gave the girl’s hand one last squeeze before taking the tea kettle off the stove.  Pa poured water … Continue reading Hurdles… #7