Daily Prompt: Mope

via Daily Prompt: Mope

It was a Sunday afternoon and the Wailend family just got home from church.  Jessie, the youngest, never enjoyed going to church.  Maybe it was because her parents forced her to get out of bed and put nice clothes on.  Or maybe it was because they wouldn’t let you bring her reading books with her.  Or maybe it was because she was turning into an atheist.  These could all be reasons of why Jessie hated church.  But she shut her mouth and grumbled to herself as she climbed into the car and drove to church.  The pastor usually talked about how God is good and Satan is bad and if you don’t believe you’ll burn in hell.  Jessie just smirked at that comment.  If people needed a reward for being a good person – the reward being heaven – then what was the point?

Church was just as long as every other Sunday, and Jessie hopped out of the car as soon as her parents pulled it into their driveway.  She couldn’t wait to tear off her church clothes and put on sweatpants.  Sunday was a day to mope around, and she had the perfect book in mind.  So the girl shut her door with the sign “do not disturb” showing, pulled on her sweatpants, curled up in her bed, and opened the book waiting to be read.  Jessie was going to read all day, and nothing was going to stop her.


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