A Writing Record!!

It takes me several months to write 100 pages in one of my books.  I started my book Hurdles… three weeks ago and I’m already on page 90!  I am so excited!  I realize that some writers can write 100 pages in a day or two, but this is a record for me.  This book is probably going to be the best book I’ve written so for.  I know exactly what I want the story line to be (usually it’s a little fuzzy to begin with) and I know exactly who the characters are and how they will react to certain situations.  When I sit down to write Hurdles… I feel as though I’m in the story, experiencing it with the characters.  I am so excited about reaching 90 pages!  Hopefully, when I’m done writing and editing, I will be able to find a publisher who will publish it for me.  Wish me luck!

Any suggestions on a good publisher?  Or literary agent?


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