Calling Out to All Artists!


I found this image in a blog post a few days ago and really fell in love with it.  The only problem I have with it, though, is that she’s not wearing any pants.  For you artists out there, would it be possible to create something similar, except this time you give her pants?  Or create something different all together?  I’ll leave it up to you!

If you finish an image, feel free to email it to me 🙂 Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Calling Out to All Artists!

  1. cyranny says:

    Hi there Katie!

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas with your loved ones 🙂 I am no artist, but I thought about a blogger I really appreciate, that does water color painting, and beautiful pieces, if you ask me 😉

    I shared the link to your blog with her, and here is her site;

    Hoping it can help 😉


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  2. YesterdayAfter says:

    Hi Katie, I am Carolina that’s a really cute image sure I can put up some pants to her or re-create a similar image for you my style or very close to this one! 😉 I got your link from sweet cyranny that was very nice to think to connect you and me with this! I would love to help you! Did you visit my galleries? You will find a lots of my watercolors and inkwash paintings and sketches also check my InkTober Gallery where I developed a cute character during the InkTober challenge. I sell my watercolors in Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and ship worldwide, I am going to follow your Blog and if you want I am available to create something for you having your image as reference I do custom work. You can always contact me in private on my contact page for details or any questions or just to connect with me I would love it! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas day and wish you the best for the rest of the Holidays! 🙂 ❤ Carolina

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