An Iowan Christmas

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!  I hope your day will be filled with friends, family, and joy!  I actually celebrated Christmas with my family the night of Christmas Eve because we are going to be extremely busy today.  We have church this morning – and I am going to play my flute – and then we have to go over to my grandma’s house to help her with lunch.  About 14 family members will be coming down for Christmas, and we have to help my grandma prepare.  They will stay for several hours, and then we have to clean up everything.  As you can tell, it’s going to be a very busy Christmas.  And because it’s going to be so busy, I will not get any chance to work on my new book that I’m writing.  So I guess this blog post will just have to count towards my writing for the day.

An Iowan Christmas

Last week the forecast for Christmas day was freezing cold and a snow storm.  Winter is my least favorite season, but I always enjoy snow on Christmas.  But as it started to get closer and closer to Christmas day, the forecast changed from freezing cold to unusually warm.  The forecast is now 50 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms.  Come on Iowa!  Made up your mind!  But I guess it doesn’t really matter if there’s snow on the ground or not; it’s Christmas either way.  I’m sure it’s snowing somewhere.

So this Christmas morning I crawled out of bed (I’m twenty, so there’s no more jumping up early the morning of Christmas) and headed to the kitchen.  It’s a tradition that my family always eat breakfast together Christmas morning, so we sat around the table and my dad made homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.  It was delicious!  Then we all put on our Christmas best, and drove to church in the 50 degree weather.

It’s going to be a good Christmas!  🙂


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