Take the Time

I came up with a really good book idea, so I have been busy writing for several days now.  Every opportunity I have I sit down at my computer and type away.  The more I write, the more alive my new characters and world become.  I am amazed that by simply moving my fingertips this story is coming to life.  So, because I have been busy writing, I’ve been isolated in my room and away from my family.  And it made me realize that I’m taking the time for my book, but not for the people I love most.  Yes, writing is very important to me and it’s one of my many passions, but the people in my life are more important.  I realized that they should come above my writing.  Time with my family should be more important than time with books.  Yes, if I spend time with them I may forget the next detail in my story.  But my imagination is big enough that I am bound to think of something else to write about.

I just want to remind all of the writers out there to take the time to cherish your family.  Take the time to sit down and have a proper meal.  Take the time to listen to you dad’s ridiculous stories.  Take the time to annoy your brother.  Yes, I know I just wrote about running out of time, but now I am telling you to not waste it.  Don’t spend all of your time writing, because then you’ll miss out on the real world.  I know that you’re writing is important to you – my writing is important to me too – but it’s not going anywhere.  You’re book isn’t going to disappear, but you’re family might.  Your manuscript will always wait for you, but you’re family doesn’t last forever.  So take the time to enjoy their company, and then return to your story.

Please remember that the people in your life want to spend time with you 🙂


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