Running out of Time

Write like you’re running out of time.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, so don’t wait until tomorrow.  Next week isn’t guaranteed, so don’t postpone your story.  Next year is a long ways away, so start now.

Your story isn’t going to write itself.  The faster you write it, the faster it will come alive.  For me, once I start a story, more ideas come to mind and the characters actually speak to me.  They’re not just words on a page.  They’re real.  Their stories are real.  If you have writer’s block, write down every idea you have.  Keep a notebook full of ideas so whenever you get stuck, you can look up new things to write about.  The point is to never stop writing.

I am aware it’s easier said than done.  I have a lot of days where I just sit at my computer and stare at the screen because I have no idea what to write about.  But on the days I do have ideas, I never leave my laptop.  Those are the days when I write like I’m running out of time.  Because I want to get every idea I have onto paper before it’s too late.  Why?  Because tomorrow isn’t promised, next week isn’t guaranteed, and next year is a long ways away.

If you happen to have writer’s block right now, here’s a dialogue prompt that might help you out:  “I never stood a chance, did I?”  “That’s the sad part – you did once.”


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