Inspirational Things

I'm in my room that has tan walls which look like a light pink color when the sun hits them just right.  I'm sitting in a blue lazy chair that's falling apart and has absolutely no cushion left.  I look across from me and see a stack of books that are for my next semester of … Continue reading Inspirational Things

A Writing Record!!

It takes me several months to write 100 pages in one of my books.  I started my book Hurdles... three weeks ago and I'm already on page 90!  I am so excited!  I realize that some writers can write 100 pages in a day or two, but this is a record for me.  This book … Continue reading A Writing Record!!

Hurdles… #6

Pa remained downstairs for a while longer.  He was used to staying up late, usually reading.  He drank the rest of his tea even though it was cold.  Then he picked up Dana’s half-empty glass and carried both mugs into the kitchen.  He threw away the tea bags and then dumped out the excess tea.  … Continue reading Hurdles… #6