CH – #2 (script version)

Madison: (Throwing a beer can at YOUNG TYLER.)  You liar!  You said you would never leave me!  But you did!  You left me!  And Lilly!  And TJ!  You left us alone!  You left me alone!

(YOUNG TYLER walks away from YOUNG MADISON.  YOUNG MADISON exits stage left.  War sounds grow and the lighting changes to represent gun shots and explosions.  YOUNG TYLER pulls out a gun and begins to shoot.  He dodges bullets and hides in front of the platform next to the stairs.  MADISON watches.  YOUNG TYLER reload his gun.  He stands up to fire.  A single gunshot is heard.  YOUNG TYLER falls backwards, blood seeping onto his chest.  MADISON screams.)

Madison: NO!

(MADISON crawls over to YOUNG TYLER and cradles his head.  She begins to sob onto his chest.)


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