DV – #6

"I notice some girls are sleeping soundly, but then there are others clinging to their covers, shivering in their own sweat.  As a sister who’s always looked after her brother, I just want to reach out to every girl who fears this darkness.  It’s not like ordinary darkness that encompasses our apartment at home.  It’s … Continue reading DV – #6

CH – #2 (script version)

Madison: (Throwing a beer can at YOUNG TYLER.)  You liar!  You said you would never leave me!  But you did!  You left me!  And Lilly!  And TJ!  You left us alone!  You left me alone! (YOUNG TYLER walks away from YOUNG MADISON.  YOUNG MADISON exits stage left.  War sounds grow and the lighting changes to represent … Continue reading CH – #2 (script version)