DV – #5

“Portraits dangle from the walls; they are of people who look as though all the life was drained from them.  They are all wiry and bony.  They’re all squinting down at us past their pointed noses.  A woman in a portrait stares at me through her half-moon glasses.  She is sitting on a stool with her hands resting on a tall, twisted, dark cane.  Her cheekbones are sharp, her chin sticks out, and her nose resembles a beak.  Her eyes are silver, but not the comforting kind.  They glow with hatred and shine with madness.  I would describe her hair except it is nonexistent, which makes her look more horrifying.  I shift my gaze to the golden plaque that rests below the frame.  Madam Lisa Shallow.  Her hollow eyes capture mine and I cannot look away.  As I continue to stare, the woman begins to reach towards the frame of the painting and climb out of her chair, all the while keeping eye contact with me.  She reaches her claw-like hand towards me, opening her mouth as though to swallow me whole.  Alex snaps her fingers, which echoes throughout the living room.  I turn my attention to the doppelganger of my sister.  She is standing in front of the magical wall, her hands behind her back.  I glance back at Madam Shallow, expecting her to be climbing out of her picture frame, but she is sitting in her chair with her hands on her cane.”


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