I believe a writer’s life begins as soon as soon as you open your eyes.  Once you start living, you begin to create your own stories in your end.  You create imaginary friends and go on adventures with them.  You dream about haunted houses, pretend the floor is lava, march through the yard like it’s a battle field.  Everyone is a writer in their own sense.  Some people keep a diary and don’t share their adventures.  Others write them down in a journal and only share it with a select few.  And then there are a handful of us who write every adventure – every idea – into a book and share it with the world.  And those who share help the new generation discover their imagination and ability to tell stories.  Writer’s don’t write for themselves (at least I don’t.)  We write to help the people in this world.  We create worlds where people can escape to if they’re having a bad day.  We create stories that help inspire people to begin a different life.  We create adventures for those who are unable to go on a physical one.  We create hope.  That’s what a writer’s life represents; hope.

“Live the life that people write novels about.”  This relates to the readers and the writers.  The readers are the ones who join each character on their adventure.  The writers are the ones who live each characters’ life.  Writer’s experience each emotion first, so that the readers can live it with the characters.  A writer’s life, and a reader’s life, are very similar.  They each experience the story head on, just with a different view.  They each experience the pain, sadness, and joy.  They each cry at the end.  They each get excited after the first sentence.  They cherish the story, because they each experienced it.  But that’s part of the writer’s job; make it a story that can be experience by anyone.


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