The Screen

“The library is a place of countless movies with the subtitles permanently on.”

One of my friends actually came up with this quote, and as a person who loves books, it really stuck.  I think of this every time I wonder through a library or a bookstore, but I also think of this when I’m writing my own books.  Every time I write, I imagine my story on the big screen.  This helps me envision what it is supposed to look like.  I picture the setting showing up on a TV screen, and then I base my descriptions off of that.  I do this because I want the descriptions to be as accurate as possible, and this helps me do just that.  I realize that a book is different than a film, but the settings and descriptions are always the same.  This may not work for everyone, but I’ve found that it works for me.  My suggestion is to simply try this method.  If you’re having trouble wording your descriptions, or coming up with places for your characters to be, imagine your story on the big screen.  How does it look?  Is it dark, foggy, or full of sunshine?  What’s in the background?  A forest, an ocean, a city?  How do the characters move?  What do they sound like to the audience members?  How big is everything, or how small?  Is it noisy or extremely quiet?  All of these things can be found within a film.  Your task as a writer is to place them in your book just as they would show up in a movie.  Write as though you are watching it on the big screen.  And I feel that if you do that, every description, every character, every sound, will be accurate.


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