DV – #4

“But let me remind you, following the rules is a requirement here, and failure to follow the rules results in severe consequences.  These Warrents,” three adults step forward, including the one who looks like my sister, “are in charge of the punishments.  And I suggest that you don’t get on their bad side.”  Madam Curoso lets this sink in before continuing.  “I also suggest that you remain in this school for the entire time that you are here.  There are three exits, each resulting in death once you use them.  There is the tunnel that you entered through; this rope,” she points to the rope hanging from the hole in the ceiling, “and the waterfall.  If you do decide to try and escape, you will either be killed on spot by the Warrents, or you will die once you reach the outside.  There is nothing for thousands of miles in each direction.  The school is the safest place you can be, as long as you follow the rules.”  She glares at us through narrow, blood red eyes.  “But if you do get scared in the middle of the night, don’t cry out for your mommy, because she won’t come, and don’t beg for the ghosts to go away, because they will only creep closer.  I suggest you learn how to live with the darkness and the terrors within this school, otherwise you won’t be alive for very much longer.”  I gape at her, realizing that this is not a school run by monsters; it is a school controlled by the devil.


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