DV -#3

“I suddenly feel myself start to shiver; not from the cold but from the fear that’s buried deep down.  You need to stay strong, for your brother.  I reach across the small girl sitting between us and grab my brother’s ice cold hand.  I turn back to the crowd to find my mother standing.  She is wiping away the tears that were falling down her cheeks.  The Warrent gets closer to the carriages and dread begins to fill my entire body.  Once these carriages start moving, I may never see my mother again.  For all I know, I may never see my brother again.  In a school run by monsters, anything could happen.  So I continue to squeeze Simon’s hand and I keep my gaze fixed on my mother.  The carriage lurches forward and is drawn further and further away from the crowd of people.  The figure of my mother begins to disappear into the distance until she is a small dot on the street.  I hear the Warrent snap his fingers, and suddenly all I can see is darkness.”


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