DV – #5

"Portraits dangle from the walls; they are of people who look as though all the life was drained from them.  They are all wiry and bony.  They’re all squinting down at us past their pointed noses.  A woman in a portrait stares at me through her half-moon glasses.  She is sitting on a stool with … Continue reading DV – #5

Why Writers Write

I write because it's my outlet. I write because it's my escape. I write because it's my way of being free. I write because I can create my own world. I write because I can create my own characters. I write because I can be in control. I write because creating something that didn't exist … Continue reading Why Writers Write


I believe a writer's life begins as soon as soon as you open your eyes.  Once you start living, you begin to create your own stories in your end.  You create imaginary friends and go on adventures with them.  You dream about haunted houses, pretend the floor is lava, march through the yard like it's … Continue reading Experience

Jodi Picoult

All of us suffer from writer's block, even if we aren't a dedicated writer.  Students writing a paper for class suffer from writer's block.  Professionals putting together a presentation suffer from writer's block.  Author's suffer from writer's block.  Sometimes it lasts for a short period of time, but sometimes we don't think of something to … Continue reading Jodi Picoult

The Screen

"The library is a place of countless movies with the subtitles permanently on." One of my friends actually came up with this quote, and as a person who loves books, it really stuck.  I think of this every time I wonder through a library or a bookstore, but I also think of this when I'm … Continue reading The Screen

Malcolm Cowley

"Any fiction should be a story."  I know this sounds pretty obvious, but some writers really struggle with this.  As a writer, it is your job to take the reader on an adventure and in the end have a resolution.  The ending is supposed to be different, but "if nothing has changed, it isn't a … Continue reading Malcolm Cowley

Neil Gaiman

Hey, sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple of days.  I went on a retreat with no wifi...anyways, here's my post for today! "This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it's done.  It's that easy and that hard."  I say this … Continue reading Neil Gaiman

A Bathtub

I've found that writing a novel can be a lonely task.  You sit in your room, by yourself, typing away at your computer, blocking out the world.  Of course, you're not totally alone because you have the characters you've created, but you have no one around to encourage you to keep going, or that your … Continue reading A Bathtub

Writing a Scene

"A scene has to drive your plot forward.  You may have written the most entertaining or poignant scene possible, but if it does not progress your story it will have to go - or be rewritten."  I believe this is a really tricky process for most writers.  You could be writing a really special scene … Continue reading Writing a Scene

DV – #4

“But let me remind you, following the rules is a requirement here, and failure to follow the rules results in severe consequences.  These Warrents,” three adults step forward, including the one who looks like my sister, “are in charge of the punishments.  And I suggest that you don’t get on their bad side.”  Madam Curoso … Continue reading DV – #4