Rick Riordan

Sorry this post is later than the others; I was really busy this morning.

Anyhow, here’s a quote by Rick Riordan that I think describes writing a book perfectly.  “Writing a book is always hard work.  It’s much easier to think of new ideas.  You’ll get to the middle of the manuscript and you’ll think, ‘Oh, this is too hard.  I think I’ll start another book instead and that will be easier.’  Don’t!  That new book won’t be any easier.”  And this is so true!  I have done this so many times and it got me no where.  I have plenty of books on my computer that are only half of a book, because I got bored of it and moved on.  But I realized that that didn’t get me anywhere.  I was never completing anything to turn into a publisher.  So I had to force myself to finish a book before I started another one.  And if I got bored/got writer’s block, then I would simply let the book sit for a while until I came up with a new idea.  Only recently have I started writing two books at once, which is actually coming in quite handy.  I can do double the work that way!  But I’m only doing that because I know that I will force myself to finish both books.  Because both books have a story to tell, and I’m not going to let that story go to waste.

It’s okay if you have several ideas.  That’s the best part of being a writer!  The tricky part is balancing the ideas.  You have to pick which idea you want to write about first, and then move on that way.  Make a list of all of your ideas so you don’t forget them, and then just start writing.  But make sure you’re committed to a book before you start it, otherwise you’re story will end sooner than it began.


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