DV – #2

I just finished the first chapter of Death Valley!  I already shared the beginning of chapter one with you, but here’s part of the ending.  Enjoy!  (By the way, DV stands for Death Valley).

“I watch as two Warrents jump out of the carriages and march over to the little girl.  She starts to cry harder as they get nearer.  I feel my mother’s hand on my arm as she pulls me away from the situation in front of me.  The Warrents grip the girl’s arms and pull her from her father.  They pick her up and carry her towards the carriages.  She tries to pull away and continues to scream.

“Father!  Father, please!  Daddy!!” the girl wails, reaching out towards her father.

I look up at the man and see tears streaming down his face.  His shoulders shake as he watches his daughter go.  He will most likely never see her again.”


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