Death Valley

“It’s dark.  It’s always dark here.  The only light comes from the gas lamps that burn on the streets, and the candle flame that flickers on the kitchen table.  Across the street I can see a flame flickering through the curtains.  I’ve only ever seen a shadow of the resident across the street, and the candle they keep near the window.  I’ve never seen the sun, or the stars.  The full moon comes out very rarely, and when it does, chaos happens.  There are screams from down the street.  There are howls that send chills down my spine.  And in the morning, there are dead people found in the streets.  The bodies are all torn apart, with claw marks on every inch of them.  Some bodies even have bite marks around the neck.  The pictures of these bodies appear in the newspaper as a warning to the public.  A warning that if you don’t follow the rules, severe consequences will follow.”


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