Rick Riordan

Sorry this post is later than the others; I was really busy this morning. Anyhow, here's a quote by Rick Riordan that I think describes writing a book perfectly.  "Writing a book is always hard work.  It's much easier to think of new ideas.  You'll get to the middle of the manuscript and you'll think, … Continue reading Rick Riordan

Only a writer…

...will hold conversations between people that don't exist.  We don't talk to ourselves...we talk to the people we created from nothing."  I read this somewhere once, and it really stuck out to me, because whoever wrote this has a point.  If we don't talk to the characters we create, then they are never real to … Continue reading Only a writer…

Robert Cormier

I have several favorite quotes about writing and here is one of them; "The beautiful part of writing is that you don't have to get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon."  I love this because it's so true.  You don't have to get it right the first time.  You can just … Continue reading Robert Cormier

DV – #2

I just finished the first chapter of Death Valley!  I already shared the beginning of chapter one with you, but here's part of the ending.  Enjoy!  (By the way, DV stands for Death Valley). "I watch as two Warrents jump out of the carriages and march over to the little girl.  She starts to cry harder … Continue reading DV – #2

Coming Home

"But I believe my story is important to know because it will teach you a lesson.  It taught me a very important one.   It taught me that we are only given one life, and people only stay with us for so long.  So we have to be thankful for what we are given.  We have … Continue reading Coming Home

Death Valley

"It’s dark.  It’s always dark here.  The only light comes from the gas lamps that burn on the streets, and the candle flame that flickers on the kitchen table.  Across the street I can see a flame flickering through the curtains.  I’ve only ever seen a shadow of the resident across the street, and the … Continue reading Death Valley